Monday, July 9, 2012

Featured Shop: Graceline Paper Studio

Featured Shop: Graceline Paper Studio

Description:  i am a grandma of 12 who has always loved handmade. I have ventured in many directions in the craft world, but I always have had an affinity for Everything Asian. So two years ago when I discovered Kusudama flowers and origami i just knew i would make an entrance into Etsy displaying this new found craft. The rest is history. Every day I fold flowers, hearts, cranes, etc. and love what I do. This craft business is a pretty close second to being a grandma.

Featured Items:

Kusudami Origami Bridal Music Bouquet Created from 20 Plus Vintage Sheet Music Flowers



 Butterfly Mobile - Monarch Butterflies Autumn Migration - Made to Order



Origami Kusudama Place Cards For Your Wedding

Where to find Graceline Paper Studio:

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