Monday, August 13, 2012

Featured Shop: M50 Jewelry

Featured Shop:  M50 Jewelry

Description:  M50 Jewelry means Quality Handmade Jewelry~Original Designs using Silver, Filigree, Semi Precious Gems and Bronze
At M50Jewelry, you find pieces that are entirely handmade by me, using vibrant stones that caught my fancy and forms that inspired me. My shop documents my jewelry journey-you can see my fascination with the intricate technique of silver filigree, the influence of my good friend who knits and suggested I try shawl pins, and my professional life as a chef in the dim sum and pig jewelry.

All jewelry comes in a ribbon wrapped gift box, with anti-tarnish insert and polishing cloth.

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  1. I'm finally getting around to selling my handmade jewlery on I'm having some trouble coming up with a catchy, memorable name for my shop. My jewelry is made of wire-wrapped glass/natural beads, and I would describe it as being elegant and simple. My name is Morgan, but it doesn't have to be in the title. Any help is much appreciated! :)
    Organo Gold


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