Thursday, August 2, 2012

Featured Shop: Tree Craft Diary

Featured Shop:  Tree Craft Diary

Shop Name:  Tree Craft Diary

Description:  Tree Craft Diary brings us back to the nature, whereas tree as the home of bearing its fruits - made by hand, crafted by heart. I use very basic materials to play around and create the jewelries based on my own ideas, therefore I categorized my collections into several themes like elegant pearls, teardrop crystal, beadworks, and I specialized the most in the natural gemstone jewelries. Most of the gemstones are the real Cornelian, Agate and Tourmaline. And I believed that the prices are very affordable, which approximately range from $15-$25.

I compile my ideas into the dream diary day by day and never stop to believe that by reflecting my inspirations through these hand creations, will utterly inspire others to appreciate my works.

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