Monday, September 10, 2012

Featured Shop: Autumn Moon Soap Co & Beach Bum Crochet

Featured Shop: Autumn Moon Soap Co & Beach Bum Crochet

I create natural, homemade soaps, laundry soap and crocheted items.  My soaps are really, truly all-natural lye soaps, most of them vegan and all are vegetarian.  I use plant oils--mostly olive--and scent with essential oils, coffee, tea, and spices.  I've had great feedback from all over North America, and have several customers who will now only use my soap!  So soaping is my business, crocheting is my hobby.  I love to use what i can get my hands on in thrift stores to create amazing pieces--bags, blankies, hats, shawls, scarves, even halter tops--my new specialty.  I stretch  my creative muscles to create what i love; I'm not into mass-production for profit.  I love what i do!

Specials:  I have an Etsy coupon code: MAGNOLIA2012 for 10% off in my shop, and i often run holiday-related special for even more off, which i advertise on all my sites, so you don't miss out, no matter which one you're following!

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