Friday, October 5, 2012

Top Shops Treasury Challenge #1

Top Shops Treasury Challenge #1

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to Top Shops of Etsy's first treasury Challenge.  The featured shop for our first challenge is:

Pick at least one item from the Stylish Smithereens and create a treasury around the item.  Make sure to tag your treasury with "TopShopsChallenge(space)(challenge number)" ex. TopShopsChallenge 1.  The challenge will end Monday morning and the treasury will the most hearts will win the challenge!  The challenge winner's shop will become the selected shop for next week's treasury challenge.

Let's try to get one of our treasuries featured on the front page!

Here are some general tips on creating treasuries:

-  Do not include items from your own shop.

-  Do not include more than one item from the same shop.

-  Try to include items from a variety of categories (homemade, supplies, vintage..etc).

-  Make sure the listings you include have clear, high-resolution images.

-  Try to create a theme and stick to it.

- Promote, promote, promote.  Etsy has thousands of treasuries.  Make sure to post a link to your treasury in any of your Etsy team boards and any social media sites that you use.

Good luck everyone!  I will announce the winner of the first treasury challenge on Monday.

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