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Featured Shop: Shawl Pin Heaven

Featured Shop: Shawl Pin Heaven

Shop Name:  Shawl Pin Heaven


I first opened my Etsy shop in March 2009 and featured handmade jewelry.  I have a variety of styles that I like to wear and make so my shop had an eclectic mix of items.  That year for Christmas I purchased neck warmers for my step daughters and when they arrived they were strips of crochet without a means to secure the ends together.  At first I was going to purchase pins, but then decided it would be more fun to make them each one.  This is how Shawl Pin Heaven began.  After several months of watching the jewelry sales decline and the shawl pin sales increase I decided to offer only the pins.  Since then sales have continued to grow.  The lesson here is, stick with one thing, do it well, and success will follow.

I hand make all the items in my shop and use a variety of materials.  I love using semi precious gemstones, but also offer pins made with carved bone, wood beads, buttons, metal beads and plastic.  I use non tarnish craft wire in different gauges depending on the hole size in the bead I'm using.  I hammer the coil at the end of all the pins which adds more strength and style.  I file the end smooth, but not to a point.  The main reason I don't file the end to a point is the gauge of the wire.  16 or even 18 gauge wire is thick enough that even if the end is filed to a point it will leave a sizable hole in cotton or silk.  My pins work best with knitted, crocheted and woven items with a somewhat looser weave.  They can be used with shawls, scarves, ponchos, capelets, neckwarmers, purses and hats.  I also make scarf slides for customers who wear cotton or silk scarves and are looking for a way to keep them secure around their neck.

Specials:  For the month of October, receive 15% off your purchase with the coupon code:  OCTOBER15

Featured Items:

Shawl Pin or Scarf Pin - Hand Painted Czech Glass Button





Scarf Slide or Napkin Ring - Aluminum Wire





Shawl Pin or Scarf Pin - Dainty Czech Glass Heart


Where to find Shawl Pin Heaven:

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