Saturday, June 23, 2012

Featured Shop: Ink Meets Paper Design

Featured Shop:  Ink Meets Paper Design

Shop Name Ink Meets Paper Design

Description:  a shop committed to the tactile and personal benefits of paper. When e mailing, smart phones and tablets seemed to take over the world of list making, note writing, and letter sending, I think that the time it takes to sit down and write a note, letter or send a card has become that much more personal, important and rewarding. (on a side note - I am constantly being asked why I just don't do E-Vites for birthday parties - it's just not the same! Plus it goes against everything my store and I personally stand for!)  :0)

In my shop currently, you will find many varieties of notebooks, pads and jotters that can easily be tossed into a bag or have at the ready for any note taking or list making. I am hoping to be able to add stationery and note cards soon, and possibly wrapping paper and invitations down the line.  I love doing custom jobs, and if anyone doesn't see something (color, style, size etc) that they were specifically looking for, if they just convo me, I will do my best to fulfill the request. Every request I have had so far, I have added to my shop, usually within a week or so.

Giveaway:  Ink Meets Paper Design will be doing a giveaway on their facebook page once they reach 50 likes.  They are very close to reaching their goal so make sure to stop over and like their page!

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